Glow in the Dark Halloween Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate than with some ghoulish glow in the dark decorations for your home or party event.

These activities are great for kids of all ages, they are safe and so easy to do.

But first, a quick overview of glow in the dark powder and where you can get it from.

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What is Glow in the Dark Powder?

Phosphorescent or glow in the dark powders use light energy to ‘charge’ its particles. When it gets dark, the light energy is released as a glow.

No chemical reaction takes place, so the powder is ridiculously safe.

The process of charging and glowing will happen repeatedly for around 20 years.

Glowing Goop

This extra stretchy slime is so much fun to play with. Just create your normal slime but add a little less borax solution.

I used the clear Elmer’s Glue (got it from Woolworths) but the white glue will work fine too. I’ve read that Elmer’s gives the best results as it has just the right amount of whatever it is that makes it work. That’s scientific talk for “trust me, it’ll work”.


1. Add 1 teaspoon of Borax with 1 cup of hot water until it is dissolved. You won’t need all of this mixture so save the rest for the next lot. I guarantee there will be a next lot, and a next lot,...

2. Add the contents of one 147ml glue to a glass or plastic bowl (not metal)

3. Add 147ml of water to the same bowl

Elmer's GlueElmer's GlueElmer's Glue

4. Add around 30-40 grams of glowing powder (encapsulated for adding to water based mediums) and stir through. Do not use a metal stirrer. The mix will become cloudy.

Glowing PowderGlowing Powder

5. SLOWLY (this is really important) add 1 teaspoon at a time of the Borax solution to the mixture and stir. You’ll need around 10 teaspoons all up but don’t be tempted to add it all in one go. Again, trust me – it won’t work.

6. Once it starts to become tacky and thicker, you can start kneading it in the bowl with your hands.


7. From here, that’s it. Normally you’d add more borax to thicken the slime but having it stretchy and sticky is exactly how we want it to be for Halloween.

Now turn the lights off and do whatever it is we do with slime!

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Blazing Pumpkins

This one was a bit of traditional fun last year with the kids, but with the added twist of creating pumpkins that glow in the dark.

Blazing Pumpkins


Carve your pumpkins then simply mix around 40grams of encapsulated glow in the dark powder with 100ml of white water based paint or white glue and apply. It’s that easy.


Pumpkins - Glow in the Dark Powder

Glowing Goblins

Glowing Goblins

Imagine this jumping out at you in the dark on Halloween!

And behind it a sweet little kid (yeah, right!)

This body paint is super easy and really safe.


You’ll need:

  • Glow Powder (encapsulated for water-based mediums) (1 part)
  • Moisturiser (4 parts)
  • Cornflour (1 part)

Just mix them all together (remember, no metal) and apply. Because of the cornflour it will eventually set a little.

The great part is it won’t stain anything and easily washes off.

As with anything you apply to the skin, we recommend a small patch test first.

Glowing HandGlowing Hand

Glowing Gecko is an Australian owned and operated business, supplying quality grade phosphorescent or glow in the dark powder and products to anyone who also gets ‘excited by light’. We are popular in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth so why not join the masses and get your glow on.


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