Magical Rocks

Super Hero Gems and Fairy Rocks 

What are they?

Fairy rocks and Super Hero Gems are little bags of glowing magical rocks that shine bright when it gets dark. Simply charge them by day and watch them glow all night.

Each bag comes with around 35grams of rocks, specially mined by the glowing fairies and super hero angels, and a little poem on a card.

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Superhero GemsGlowing Superhero Gems

Fairy Rocks and Super Hero Gems


How do they work

These little gems use glow in the dark technology - glow particles in the rocks absorb light energy (any light) and release this energy as a glow when it gets dark – initially very bright then gradually diminishing over the night.

The glow will last around 10hrs, night after night for around 15 yrs.

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There are so many unique ideas these glowing rocks can be used for. Here are a few we’ve thought of but put your thinking caps on and come up with your own:


Night Lights

Is your little one a little afraid of the dark? Keep these magical rocks close at night and there’ll be a subtle glow to keep them safe. The little poem in each bag reflects this purpose.


Lolly Bags

Hate sending kids party guests home with lollies. Send them home with a bag of these instead.


Fairy Rock Garden

Got a Fairy Nut in the house? These magical fairy rocks can be added to the Fairy Rock Garden. They’ll glow at night so the Fairy’s can go about their work.


Reward awesome behaviour

Each time the kids are well behaved or achieve something great, take a Fairy Rock  or Super Hero Gem and place it under their pillow or on their side at night. The kids can collect them.


From the Tooth Fairy

Instead of money, the tooth Fairy could leave a few little rocks instead.


Unique birthday gift idea

Looking for something they definitely won’t have? This could be it.


Wedding Bombinaries

Create your own poem on a card and place one on each seat for the ladies.


How safe are they?


Ridiculously!!!  These are non-toxic, use no energy or chemical reactions to glow, and are non-flammable.

For the really little ones simply tie a double knot in the organza bag full of magical rocks to ensure you don’t have a choking hazard.

Who is Glowing Gecko?


Glowing Gecko is an Australian owned and operated business specialising in premium quality phosphorescent powder and glow in the dark products. Popular in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, our products take minutes to charge and glow for hours on end.

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