Safe Glow in the Dark Crafts Using Glow Powder for Kids of all ages – Part 2

Looking for something different, simple, safe and fun for the kids to create? These ideas are going to blow their minds!!

Glow in the dark body paint
Glow rocks – a popular thing now
Glowing nail polish

Let’s go over the facts…

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Glow in the dark or phosphorescent powder:

  • Is NOT fluorescent – don’t need UV or black lights
  • Is NOT charged by a chemical reaction – like that used in glow sticks.
  • Is powered by light.

Keep in mind:

  • Won’t mix with metal
  • Won’t glow if mixed with a dark colour
  • Wont glow in the day
  • The darker the room or outside environment, the brighter the glow effect

Glowing Gecko phosphorescent powder features:

  • Only minutes to charge, around 10 hours of glow, diminishing in intensity over the night
  • Recharge for effect with a quick exposure to light like a torch
  • Last for years
  • Much stronger than zinc sulphide (and subsequently more expensive)
So let’s get into it…

Spot the glowing kid

We did this one on a camping trip recently. Once the sun went down the kids went nuts applying this glowing body paint to themselves (and the adults). They loved it! And we knew exactly where they were! It was also super easy to wash off.

With only 3 ingredients and sooooooo safe for the little ones skin, this is a ridiculously quick and easy project.

Glow in the Dark Powder

Glow in the Dark Powder


  • 1 cup cornflour
  • ½ cup Moisturising Cream
  • ½ cup water
  • Approximately 50grams of Glow in the Dark Powder (encapsulated).

Glow in the Dark Powder


Mix in all ingredients using a non-metal bowl and stirrer.


Got a dog with a tendency to wander off when you’re camping. Pop a strip of this paint along his back and you’ll see him for miles.

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Get your rocks off!

A new global craze is getting kids away from the electronics and outdoors playing hide and seek with hand-painted rocks.

Rocks are typically small, flat garden stones with pictures or nice messages on them. They are then hidden in parks, with clues or images posted on dedicated Facebook pages for others to find.

There are a growing number of Facebook pages dedicated to this trend - just search for the suburb, area or state you are in, followed by ‘Rocks’, such as Newcastle Rocks or Perth Rocks.

So how about taking this concept and adding a unique excitement to finding a rock by hiding ones that will glow in the dark. The gift of giving will be so much more exciting for those lucky enough to find one.

Make up some paint by adding around 30grams of glow in the dark powder to 100ml of paint. The paint must be white or a very pale colour. Don’t use metal bowls or stirrers when using the powder.

Glow in the Dark Powder

Glow in the Dark Crafts


Glowing Nails – all the rage!

This one is great for girls parties.

Glowing Nails

  • Give each one their own cheap nail polish in white.
  • Add around 5-10grams of standard glow powder using a funnel made from baking paper.
  • Give it a good stir using a skewer (shaking it doesn’t really get it mixed properly enough).
  • Apply.
  • Turn the music on and the lights off and watch them dance the night away.
  • And each kid gets to go home with a cute little gift.
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