Glow Stones

Got a glow question?

Glow Stones


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Got a glow question?

Glow in the Dark Stones

What are they?

Glow Stones by Glowing Gecko are made using our premium quality strontium aluminate powder and a special resin blend. 

When exposed to almost any artificial or natural light source, the glow particles will absorb the light energy and store it. When it starts to get darker, the light energy will be released as a glow.

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Premium Quality

We use premium quality strontium aluminate as the glow in the dark element in our stones. Other products on the market use zinc sulphide which is cheaper with a much lower glow time and brightness.

The concentration of powder is high, resulting in more particles that glow in every rock and no fillers.

It only takes minutes to charge by any light and and they'll glow for around 10 hours, initially very strong then slowly reducing as the night goes on. Our resin blend gives our rocks a realistic marble appearance, rather than plastic or glass.

Our glow stones are completely waterproof and durable for use outdoors.

How safe are they?

No chemical reactions take place. This is a passive process of absorption and release of light energy.

The glow stones are non-toxic so absolutely fine around animals and fish.

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Colours & Size

There are 3 colours available:

  • Yellow Green
  • Blue Green
  • Sky Blue (currently unavailable)

There is a slight natural variation in the size of each glow stone, but on average they are 45mm along the longest part and around 10mm thick

  • Decorate around a pond, planters, or edging
  • In the fish tank
  • Embed glow stones into concrete art work
  • We place a couple at the base of our tent pegs and guy rope when camping
  • In the bottom of a vase
  • Wherever your imagination takes you.

Why not order a test sample to check them for yourself.


Check out our Glow Pebbles - a smaller version of the Stones.

Check out our Glow Rocks - this is our aggregate range and comes in two sizes. They've been tumbled so aren't sharp on the edges.


For larger volumes, please contact us with your requirements and we will forward you a quote.

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Free Shipping on orders above $60

Got a glow question?

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