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Got a glow question?

 Not all glow in the dark powders are the same!

Glowing Gecko's glow in the dark (or phosphorescent) powder and products use only the highest quality active ingredients. They only take a few minutes to charge by ANY light source and will glow in the dark for up to 12 hours.  This process will last up to 20 years.


What can you use glow powder for?

The following is a list of some mediums you can add our powder to. 

  • grout
  • nail polish
  • resin
  • glue
  • plaster of paris
  • paint
  • varnish
  • glass/ceramic
  • plastic

You can create things such as:

  • slime
  • body paint
  • paintings
  • resin moulds
  • fill cracks in wood
  • figurines
  • name boards for rooms
  • house numbers

Let your imagination go wild with what you create.

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What can't powder be added to?

  • Glow powder can't be mixed with metal based products
  • If mixed with dark coloured mediums, the glow will be significantly reduced
  • Mediums with UV inhibitors will affect the charge time and brightness of glow

How does it work?

Our glow powder is made up of particles that absorb light energy from almost any light source. The sun and UV black lights are the strongest and will charge the particles the quickest (in as little as a minute).

Whilst exposed to light, the particles will hold on to their charge. When the surrounding light drops the particles start to 'let go' of their charge and a glow is seen. The darker the area, the brighter the glow.  

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How much will I need?

Generally speaking, around 30grams of powder per 100ml of whatever medium you choose. We strongly recommend you do a small trial first though to test the effect and the efficacy of the resulting product (for example, too much powder in paint can affect how the paint adheres to a surface).

Colour and particle size?

Glowing Gecko offers 3 main colour choices:

  • Yellow Green (brightest)
  • Blue Green
  • Sky Blue (least brightest)

In each of the 3 colours we also offer 3 different particle sizes

  • Fine (5-15um)
  • Medium (35-50um)
  • Course (75-100um)

The image below shows the course powder mixed with paint on the left, and the fine mixed with paint on the right.

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Particle Size

Generally speaking, the course particle size is heavier, brighter, and will suffer higher temperatures.

Examples of particle size recommended for different applications

 Medium Recommended Particle Size


Resin Medium or Fine (for slow curing resins, particles will settle on the bottom)
Plastic Fine
Glass/ceramics Course
Slime Any


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Benefits of glow in the dark powder:

  • Glow in the dark powder from Glowing Gecko is completely safe
  • There is no need for batteries or wires
  • There's almost no maintenance
  • No chemical reactions occur and it is NOT radioactive
  • It is non flammable
  • Environmentally friendly

Head to our FAQ's page for heaps of really cool information.


  • This powder should be mixed with solvent based mediums. Our encapsulated powder can be mixed with water based mediums.
  • Please contact us for a quote on orders greater than 5kg
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    Free Shipping on orders above $60

    Got a glow question?

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