Glow in the Dark Paint

Create your own Glow Paint!

Creating your own Glow in the Dark Paint is easier than ever and as high quality glow in the dark powder becomes increasingly popular in the world of arts and crafts, it’s inevitable that paintings will be next on the list of creative pursuits. And considering a lot of glow paints on the market use a lesser quality glow product (resulting in a much weaker glow), artists are wanting to make their own glow in the dark paint.

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arts and crafts

arts and crafts

This stunning glow painting (day and night) was painted by Caroline Deeble.


Although our Powder is ridiculously safe, the mediums used to mix it in may not be. Always follow the instructions on the packaging of any other substance you are using.


Standard or Water Based (Encapsulated) Powder?

Our standard powder becomes inactive when mixed directly with water based mediums. 

You'll need to use our 'encapsulated' powder when wanting to mix with a water based paint. The encapsulated powder can also be used with non-water based mediums. Given the extra process during manufacture, the cost is slightly more than the standard powder but will give you that amazing Glow in the Dark Paint you are looking for.

How much Glow Paint should I use?

There is no way of being exact with ratio's although we do recommend a ball park figure - around 30-40 grams of powder per 100ml of paint.

The ratio will depend on a couple of factors - the type of base paint you are using and the effect you are after. You'll need to experiment to get what you want.

Keep in mind:

  • a thicker paint will get even thicker when powder is mixed in
  • too much powder may affect the ability of the glow paint to adhere to a surface

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What particle size of powder?

If you are using an encapsulated powder, the choice is easy - we only stock the medium particle size.
In the standard powder there are 3 particle sizes:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Course

The image below demonstrates the course and fine powders mixed with a white glow paint.

Particle Size

The course particle size is heavier and will sink quicker (particles are not dissolved in a medium, but suspended), although it is the brighter of all the sizes. The difference in brightness between them is minimal.


  • White or clear oil based paint
  • Powder
  • Bowl & stirring implement (not metal)
  • Scales
  • Your artist’s utensils


  1. Mix approx. 30-40 grams of powder to 100 grams of paint.
  2. Done!

Experimentation is the key. Try different ratios of powder to paint.

Glow in the Dark PaintGlow in the Dark Paint

Glow Painting by mwah!  

Keep in mind

  • Before applying, give the glow in the dark paint a mix to evenly spread the glow particles throughout.
  • Glow Powder works best in a clear or white medium. Other colours will absorb the light more than the glow particles, reducing the brightness of glow.
  • Do not use metal with the powder as it will affect the glow properties
  • Any light source will charge the glow particles.
  • The glow effect will last for around 10 hours, reducing in intensity over this time.
  • The darker the environment around you, the brighter your glow in the dark paint will glow.

Make your own Glow In the Dark Paint!

If you want to star experimenting yourself, head on over to our store, buy our Glow in the dark Powder and start creating your own masterpiece!

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