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Six Inspirational Ideas To Use Our Glow In The Dark Powder

It’s so exciting to see what our customers create using our Glow in the Dark Powder. Here are some ideas you can get excited with. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you all to give your own piece a go. Bedside ‘built-in’ Night Light This customer created this inlay for his grandson in the shape of the Batman logo. Using resin and green glow in the dark powder. You can use the standard powder for this application and a medium particle size is fine. Wood burning This unique piece was done using a technique of wood burning and electricity, then filling the gaps with resin and glow in the dark powder. This particular one is the Blue Green powder.   Here are some...

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Glow in the Dark Halloween Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate than with some ghoulish glow in the dark decorations for your home or party event. These activities are great for kids of all ages, they are safe and so easy to do. But first, a quick overview of glow in the dark powder and where you can get it from. Buy Now What is Glow in the Dark Powder? Phosphorescent or glow in the dark powders use light energy to ‘charge’ its particles. When it gets dark, the light energy is released as a glow. No chemical reaction takes place, so the powder is ridiculously safe. The process of charging and glowing will happen repeatedly for around 20 years. Glowing...

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How Long Does Glow Powder Last?

What is glow powder? Let’s just recap on what glow in the dark powder is – or isn’t ● It’s NOT fluorescent – it will not glow under UV or black lights ● It’s NOT charged by a chemical reaction – like chemicals used in glow sticks. ● It is powered by light – pretty much any artificial or natural light, including UV. Buy Now How can it be used? Glow powder or phosphorescent powder, has two main applications: 1. Safety 2. Funky Glow powder is an excellent low light option that doesn’t use batteries, electricity or chemicals to produce its subtle glow. But it’s not all about safety. The most popular use at the moment is in the realm...

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What can I do with Glow Powder?

Get your creativity on and come on a journey to discover the endless options for using. Glow Powder Sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are bursting with different types of glow in the dark applications that anyone can try. Here are just a few ideas you can try out with quality glow in the dark or phosphorescent powder. Buy Now Paint Your Walls This guy created this amazing background (and fore/floor ground) to compliment his drum kit. It looks absolutely crazy. Just mix powder and paint of your choice and apply. Give Life to Your Artwork By adding a few glowing touches here and there, you can create an element of surprise to your painting, and a point of difference...

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What is Glow Powder – The Simple Answer?

Glow Powder or photoluminescent powder is as its name suggests, a powder that will glow in dark environments. The darker the environment the brighter the glow. There are a number of different materials that can be used as glow in the dark powder, but the most popular is strontium aluminate. Don’t be put off by is chemical sounding name. It’s extremely safe, non-toxic, non-radioactive and environmentally friendly. Buy Now   Be aware of other glow in the dark materials on the market. They can be significantly more expensive and typically glow for much less time and less intensity. BUYER BEWARE When purchasing glow in the dark powder, it may be worth trialing a sample first to gauge the strength. Cheaper...

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